The Dregs of British History

This is a blog about ordinary people. History remembers the famous, but what about the rest. There have been billions of people on the planet. There is a good chance that those that I write about may even have existed, and if they had, they would certainly have deserved their place floating face-down in the dregs of history. The updated and Complete Dregs of History book is now available at Amazon and Createspace, both in hard copy and as an ebook.

Monday, April 5, 2010

What can you find sloshing around in the Dregs?

There have been numerous people throughout history who have made significant contributions towards society’s development. Many of these rightfully gained a place in the history books and are common household names. Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Michaelangelo, and Sir Isaac Newton spring to mind.

There are also, however, numerous individuals who through no fault of their own, failed to get the recognition that they deserved. Who invented the wheel? Surely this person deserves to be immortalised somewhere. What about the person who first decided that it was possible to float craft on water and therefore made sea-travel possible? I would even suggest that the people who first brewed beer and made wine should have received some adulation. History is all the poorer for not having recorded these wonderful and farsighted individuals.

This blog deals with nobody like this. All of the people contained within these pages made no significant contribution to the development of the world whatsoever. Included are a chemist, explorers, civil servants, sportsmen, a writer of children’s stories, and entrepreneurs. Some of them were philosophers who provided hints about how to live life, some were poets in their spare time, some simply felt that life’s mysteries needed further study, and some were, well, complete twats. Their common thread is that they managed to live eventful, but sometimes tragically short, lives.